About Me


Ever since Isabella could walk, she has been drawn to the beauty of flowers and the joy it brings to people, things and places. The art of floral design and arrangement was passed down to her by her great grandmothers who not only were wizards in the garden growing every single type of flower imaginable, but also quite skilled at harvesting vegetables, maintaining orchards and keeping a flourishing, vibrant array of fragrant herbs. Isabella learned about botany from these amazing women as they tilled the garden, but Isabella was most drawn to creating arrangements of flowers picked from their walks in the meadows. Isabella always cherished those moments picking flowers from the edges of the forest, bringing them back home and learning from her elders on how to enhance a space indoors by bringing the colors, scents and natural textures together to brighten up a space and create an expression of loving kindness to anyone needing it for any occasion.

Ultimately, she learned how to mix, bind and group flowers to bring joy, love and beauty to people from her elders. Her fascination with people and the world lead her to earn a degree in International Relations and venture into Human Resources. She has studied the science of making people happy and fulfilled, understands processes and organization and values transparency. She is known to bring an authentic and fresh perspective to clients both in the HR world, and to those who share her love for flowers. She is determined to create designs which make you feel like you walked through a flowering meadow or garden and keep that memory in your space or event for as long as possible. She focuses on creating magical experiences from the planning stages all the way through delivery, and strives to educate everybody about the flowers that are customized to each and every order.

Her designs are for the naturally curious nature lovers, relationship-driven who thrive in open, authentic settings; the free spirits who are wild at heart - and of course, those who find joy in flowers!